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Route 02.-1 Incheon Int’l Airport Gimpo(Seoul) Domestic Airport
  • By Limousine Bus
Purchase a limousine bus ticket and inquire where to board the bus at any of the Bus Ticketing Offices located near Exits 4, 9 (inside) and also Exits 4, 6-8, 11, 13 and 9C (outside).
Bus Stop Bus No. Bus Type First Departure Last Departure Travel Time Interval Fare
3B,10A 6101, 6105 Deluxe 05:40 22:10 35mins 20~30mins KRW 7.500
4B,11A 6707A Deluxe 05:00 22:17
6A,12B 6003, 6014 Standard 05:55 22:50 KRW 5.000
  • By AREX (Airport Express Train)
Incheon International Airport Station is on the B1 floor in the Transportation Center. (Click here for detailed information.)
Departure Arrival First Departure Last Departure Travel Time Interval Fare
Incheon Int'l Airport Station
Gimpo Airport 05:24 24:00 33mins 30mins KRW 3.550
Route 02.-2 Gimpo(Seoul) Domestic Airport → Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport
  • By Flight
  • At Gimpo Int'l Airport, transfer to the domestic flight to get to Gimhae (Busan) Int’l Airport.
Airlines First Departure Last Departure Travel Time Interval Fare
(incl. Fuel Surcharge
& Airport Tax)
Korean Air 07:00 20:10 55mins 60mins KRW 86,100
Air Busan 07:30 20:30 55mins 60mins KRW 75,100
Route 02.-3 Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport → BEXCO
  • By Limousine Bus
  • Purchasing Limousine Bus tickets, and also can get information at Bus Ticketing Office
    (Participants from international flights, can get the tickets in the bus.)
  • Taking Limousine Bus A (to Haeundae/ Namcheondong) and Limousine Bus B (to Seomyeon/ Busan station) at Bus stop No.2
  • Please check the bus-stop for your destination to get off.
Stop Bus Name First Departure Last Departure Travel Time Interval Fare (KRW)
No. 2 Haeundae line no.1 6:50 22:00 80 mins 25~30 min KRW 7,000
Haeundae line no.2 6:40 21:50
  • By Taxi
  • Alternatively, participants can take a regular (white or silver-gray sedan) taxi or a deluxe (black sedan) taxi to the venue. To take a taxi, please use the taxi stop in front of the passenger terminal of Gimhae International airport.
Taxi Type Travel Time Fare (KRW)
Regular Taxi 40~50 min KRW 25,000(approx USD 20)
Deluxe Taxi 40~50 min KRW 45,000(approx USD 46)