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Plenary Talk I
Optical Antennas; Spontaneous Emission Faster Than Stimulated Emission
Professor Eli Yablonovitch is Director of the NSF Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S), a multi-University Center based at Berkeley. He is a Fellow of the OSA, the IEEE, and the American Physical Society.
Plenary Talk II
FTTH – Past, Present, and Future
Professor Yun C. Chung is Dean of KAIST Institute and Professor of Electrical Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), which he joined in 1994. He is currently serving as President of the Optical Society of Korea. Prof. Chung is a Fellow of IEEE, OSA, KAST and NAEK.
Plenary Talk III
Coherent Ising machine based on optical parametric oscillator network
Professor Yoshihisa Yamamoto is currently a Professor (emeritus) of Stanford University and National Institute of Informatics, and NTT R&D fellow. He is a program manager for Impulsive Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program (ImPACT) of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation of Cabinet Office of Government of Japan.
Plenary Talk IV
5PW High Gain Large Aperture Ti: sapphire CPA Amplifier
Professor Ruxin Li is currently the director of SIOM and the director of State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics at SIOM. He was elected fellow of OSA in 2014. He is currently the Vice President of Chinese Optical Society (COS); Chair of Laser Subcommittee of COS.