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Topical Area

Topic I   Solid State, Fiber, and Other Laser Sources
Topic II   Ultrafast Phenomena and Nonlinear Optics
Topic III   Terahertz Technologies and Applications
Topic IV   High Power, High Energy Lasers
Topic V   Plasmonics and Metamaterials
Topic VI   Laser Processing and Innovative Applications
Topic VII   Optical Metrology and Sensing
Topic VII   Quantum Optics, Atomic Physics, and Quantum Information
Topic IX   Nitrides, Other Widegap Semiconductors
Topic X   Micro and Nanophotonics
Topic XI   Biophotonics and Medical optics
Topic XII   Semiconductor and Intergrated Optical Devices
Topic XIII   Display, Storage, and Applications
Paper Submission Guidelines
35-word Abstract
Your abstract should be a brief summary of your paper topic.
2-Page Summary
All contributed authors are required to submit a final summary of their work for publication in Conference Proceedings & IEEE Xplore and  Optics InfoBase.
The style guide provides a visual representation of the paper format. The summary should not exceed two pages and must be typed Within two pages, the author must include all text, including the title, authors, 35-word abstract, equations, drawings, tables, photographs, figures and references. The text may be typed either single or double spaced. The title of the talk and the primary author's name, affiliation, address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address must appear on the first page with all additional authors and their affiliations. The 35-word abstract should be repeated in the summary. Refrain from the use of asterisks, acknowledgments, job descriptions or footnotes. Cite references at the end of the summary.
IMPORTANT! Please embed all fonts and use standard fonts when possible. Problems may occur if non-English font packages (for example, Japanese, Korean or Chinese fonts, etc.) are used in the body of your paper summary, as well as in all figures and tables. Characters in these fonts cannot be seen by reviewers. In the past, we have had particular trouble with MS-PGothic, MS -Gothic and MS-Mincho.